Complaints Redress



What We Can or Cannot Do

What we can and cannot do is set out in our General Consumer Code (GCC). You are welcome to read them on our website or you can ask us for a copy.

We will decide whether your complaint fits in with the code, whether we can deal with it and the best way to handle it.

How long it takes us to come up with a resolution depends on how complicated your complaint is and how quickly we can get hold of all the relevant facts.

Paying bills
While we are looking at your complaint, so that your service isn’t interrupted, you should continue to pay at least any part of the bill that you do not dispute. If we find that you have paid too much, we will make sure that you get this back.


Complaints that we can deal with

The types of complaints that we can deal with include:

  • Bills
  • Problems resulting from a Service Provider’s sales activity
  • Problems resulting from switching from one company to another
  • Customer service problems such as poor service or failing to act on a request


Complaints that we cannot deal with
We accept all complaints regarding communications and multimedia services except :

  • Complaints about products or services that are bought or rented from Service Providers that are not obliged to comply to the GCC (Please refer to ‘When We Can Help’)


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