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CFM aids Toys4Kidz programme

09 Apr 2012, by

Child patients at Hospital Kuala Lumpur recently received some much needed cheer from a group of caring people in the form of toys and CFM was proud to support this initiative.

The toys giveaway charity event for patients in the Paediatric Ward of Hospital Kuala Lumpur was called Toys4Kidz and happened through the initiatives of people connected through social media. It was organised by a group of caring people within Twitterjaya, a virtual community of Malaysians on the Twitter social media network. This group of Malaysian Twitter users uses the hashtag #CaringPeople.

Making good things happen

Over 40 members from #CaringPeople attended the event and helped to distribute the toys donated by many individuals who responded to the call made by the group. The #CaringPeople group was created to fight domestic violence that endangers women and children, child abuse, human trafficking, and other humanitarian projects. By bringing people together on Twitter to do good deeds, #CaringPeople intends to create awareness of the power of good within social networks and to change the mentality of people that accuse Twitter as being only for fun and a bad influence on the younger generation.

When they conceived this project, they publicised the event through the hash tag #Toys4Kidz and called on people to make donations of any kinds of toys. The group accepted both new and second-hand toys. A wide range of volunteers such as doctors, engineers, students and more came together to bring this project to fruition. Although the event was held in Kuala Lumpur, some volunteers came all the way from Pahang, Johor and Penang to help out. Impressed by this noble venture, CFM joined the initiative by contributing soft toys. CFM also lent support by spreading news of this project to other organisations. Celcom gave away cuddly small size blue teddy bears to the kids while Maxis sponsored paper bags that were used to fill up with toys. While most of the donations on that day were soft toys there were also a numbers of small bags filled with sweets and chocolates.

Kids and Toys

The event itself was held on the ground floor of the Paediatric Ward in Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Not all the patients were able to come to the ground floor; those who could were escorted by their parents or nurses. The event was conducted by a #CaringPeople representative, Andy Nazri. It began with a speech by the President of #CaringPeople, Encik Mohd Iqbal Zainal, followed by a doa recitation by Encik Amrul Azmi Mizan.

The Chairman of CFM, Puan Mahfuzah Azahari commended the #CaringPeople group for being proactive in initiating this programme. She said that she was happy to see social media networks being used for positive reasons. She added that she was overwhelmed by the response from individuals and that CFM was happy to support this initiative.

This was followed by a briefing from a representative of the Paediatric Ward sisters, Sister Sayani. After that, the programme kicked off in earnest. Encik Iqbal got the kids to join in by singing along to the 'Barney & Friends' theme. The volunteers then passed along goodie bags to the kids. There event organisers had also arranged for a clown to enetertain the children. Every kid present received balloon that were shaped to their requests; such as sword or flower shaped balloons.

Meanwhile, the volunteers were divided into three groups and proceeded to distribute the rest of the toys to the patients in the three floors of the Paediatric Ward. To respect the privacy of the child patients, no cameramen were allowed to take any photos. One of the volunteers who went into the wards reported that he was so touched when he came across a child with a critical health condition that has led to him staying in the ward for over 5 years. Even the children in the Intensive Care Units were given the presents.

The event went on until 5pm by which time the toys were successfully distributed to each floor and all the patients were cheered up. #CaringPeople plans to continue this great initiative in Klang and will expand to other states in future. This was not the first initiative by #CaringPeople . In October 2011, they had organised a blood-donation event in Pusat Darah Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

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