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349 complaints of false registration of prepaid sim cards from2011 till last february

20 Apr 2016, by NST

KUALA LUMPUR: The Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) has received 349 complaints on false registration of prepaid sim cards from 2011 until last February.

Last year alone, it received 89 complaints, an increase of 187.1 per cent compared to 31 complaints in 2014.

In a statement issued here today, the CFM advised the public to take the necessary steps to protect their personal information such as that on copies of their identity cards from being used by irresponsible parties to register prepaid accounts.

According to the Guidelines On Registration Of End-Users Of Prepaid Public Cellular Services issued by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), service providers or sales representatives need not make a copy of the customer’s MyKad during registration.

“They only need to confirm the personal information given by the customer,” said the statement.

Meanwhile, CFM chairman Megat Ishak Maamunor Rashid said one factor for the increased number of false registration cases was to increase sales.

“Due to increased demand for prepaid service, there are agents and sales representatives who use other consumer’s information to register false accounts for their new customers especially foreigners, just to increase their sales,” he said.

Last year, the MCMC issued 50 compound fines amounting to RM2.29 million to telecommunication companies for false registration of prepaid sim cards.

In this regards, telecommunication companies had been urged to take appropriate action to confirm the information given by their potential customers as the process would also prevent misuse of customer information, which is a violation of the conditions for licence for the telecommunications companies.


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